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App Concept Design and Development

We are a Digital Agency specialising in Design, Development and Marketing

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

The most important things are not things, so let’s design experiences.

We don’t just build websites

We Design and Build Mobile Applications, Bespoke Software Solutions , SAAS Development

Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

The last three years has seen an absolute explosion in the this area. It’s experiences that  make life richer and easier not things. So when we sit down to design your app we dig deep in the design process always keeping the end user in mind. With  generous amounts of creativity and innovation we use all the design and developmental tools in the box .We are always aspiring to over deliver.

Mobile apps are a great way to add value to your company or your customer services . You might have spotted a gap in the market for something new, something better or a combination of what’s already out there. What problems are you going to solve with your app and who is it for.

Mobile application development is really all about making life easier. They can be used in all areas of life and work including mobile apps for finance, health, education, assesments, classroom, evaluations, security, surveying, calculations processing and so forth. If you are thinking about developing an app why not contact us here.

We can help you from concept, design, testing and deployment.

iPhone Application development

We have a proven track record when it comes to  iPhone app development. Using iOS SDK frameworks, Java, J2SE/ J2EE, C, C++ and Objective C, SOAP, JSON, REST, UIKit, XML, XCODE IDE, Core Data, Core Location, Interface Builder, Instruments, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Core Libraries: Core Foundation, Core Audio, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Localization & Location API, Database API, Safari Web Kit Extensions, PowerVR hardware, physics engines, in-app purchase and other tools for iPhone development. At Digimark our iPhone app development team has the skills and experience to deliver professional solutions , fully meeting all of your requirements. We also have a fanatstic UX and UI department that will enusre the frontend is beautifully designed, fully functional and user centered.

Hiring Digimark as your iPhone app development company can make all the difference. We are very budget aware, have a great eye for detail, are innovative in design and are completely committed and pasionate about what we do. As app developers we utilize a comprehensive approach to app development taking into account design look and feel, user experience and app functionality. We have a rigorous user testing and debugging program to make sure your submission to Apple’s store goes smoothly.

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Android Application Development

At Digimark we have the expertise to bring your Android App from concept to reality using our expert Android developers and UX designers. Whether your application is web service driven, database driven or a stand alone product we will help you make an informed choice of the best way forward. We can also help with Java based app migration  to Android.

Cross Platform and Hybrid Application development for start ups

Luckily there are multiple solutions when it comes to developing your app and a cross platform Hybrid app maybe the thing for you especially if you are a start up and have a limited budget. There are pros and cons with this as with everything, the main one being performance. Cross platform  apps are less expensive to build and still can be used offline. They can also be marketed on both  Google and apple stores .