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The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business!

Digimark are a small teamed digital agency based in Portlaoise, Co.Laois, Ireland. We provide digital marketing services such as web design and web development, ecommerce, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to help you rank higher for search results and backlink building. We also provide PPC ad management that focuses on reducing cost per click , increasing impression share, increasing Click through rate and ultimitely bringing your website qualified traffic and more sales.

How does online marketing work?

How to get more traffic? It depends on a lot of things. If your business is in Laois and your customers are in Laois, well then you will want to rank for search words used by people in Laois. It might be something as simple as “Event Catering”. People in Laois looking for “Event Catering” could possibly search “Event Catering Laois” as they only want local providers of that service. But even if they input the phrase “Event Catering” Google considers the ip location of the user to deliver the best posible results for that services provided in the surrounding location.

Online marketing uses digital platforms and tools to bring more traffic to you , the website owner. Driving more traffic to your website entails a variety of marketing efforts from Socila Media Marketing, PPC advertising, on and off page SEO to regular quality and relevant content publishing on your blog or news page. Your goals or objectives may be different but the principle is always the same. More traffic = more sales / sign ups etc,. There are a number of things you must have in place to make your digital marketing efforts successful. You must have a well designed website. You must have a product or service and you must be able to satisfy your customers needs with those products or services.

Digital marketing requires you to know your target audience , where they are located both geographically and digitally and to aquire the best route or course of action to get them to click on your website and take an appropriate step that will result in a conversion of some sort for you. Be that a sale, a sign up or a download. Then you have to be able to deliver your promise and that usually requires a number of other actions like follow up emails (CRM tools)to complete the transaction, invoicing, sustaining the realationship with further content delivery or offers.

What assets do i need for digital marketing?

You will need the following digital marketing assets

  • Registered domain name for your website
  • Hosting – website / domain name / mail
  • Well designed website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Your product or service ready to be delivered or shipped
  • SOP’s -standard operating procedures for your product or service delivery
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Know your target audience
  • Digital Marketing Budget

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Our online marketing strategy is a road map of actionable steps that will ensure you get more qualified traffic to your website. It entails a number of tasks broken down into various cactegories, all of which will have a positive affect on the over all objective or making your business more successful. You may already have a well designed website but it isn’t ranking , you maybe in a very competitive niche that is hard to rank for, you may be overspending on your Google Ads, your content may be of poor quality, your site speed and perfirmance may need enhancing, your content may not be very engaging. So the solution may vary depending on each individual case but the bottom line is you must have a strategy that uis actionable , time bound and measurable. Then these efforts can be reviewed and reiterated for even better results.

How do I measure my online Marketing success?

Once we have a digital stratgey in place , there will a number of key performance indicators that can be used to measure success. Impression share, click through rate, time spent on the site, post engagement, forms submitted, emails collected etc. The most important unit to measure is how much does it cost to convert a website visitor into a customer. This is the most important indicator that we should be working on and reducing that cost whilst maintaining growth should be our aim. We cannot of course reduce it to nothing but a simple example would be by increasing our Quality word score whithin an adword campaign, this in turn would reduce our cost per click on higher competing keywords so would therefor be a positive indicator. Our stategy would have a number of these indicators that are important for success.

How do I sustain my Digital Marketing efforts?

Yes sustainabillity is staying the course and managing your online marketing success. There are always newbies around the corner that will be eager to take your spot. Competition is a good thing and digital markerting is no different that any other , in fact it is probably harder than most as online media is alomst the only way to get your messsage out there today. What ever efforts we are making and we see that we are getting good results well then we can ramp it up. That is unit ecomics at it simplest. But we have to be creative as well, using the appropriate social media platforms for our audience. Content is king so whether that is video content which is where marketing is quickly going as we have less appetite for reading long script or written content , it has to be useful, relevant and engaging or entertaining. Once we have a marketing formula we just have to maintain our actionable steps and keep measuring our efforts. Then review and reiterate.

What Digial Markerting Services Do Digimark provide?

Digimark’s online agency services are as follows. We have the experience and knowledge for the following

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Managment
  • Full comprehensive reporting on all landscapes and platforms
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (On Page )
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (High Quality Backling )
  • PPC – Google Ad Management
  • Ad word campaign Grading – Ad campaign Audit
  • SEO Website Audit
  • Website managment -Core files/ Software and Updates
  • Hosting – Dedicated not shared / your own ip
  • Web Design and Development
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Graphic Design for social Media Ads
  • ECommerce shopping Cart
  • Content and Copy writing
  • Video Content Creation

How Costly is Digital Marketing?

It all comes down to how much you value each custome within your business. What is the value of having a lifetime customer, a customer for a year, a once off transaction. If you then know how much it costs you to acquire each customer for your business you can decide what kind of budget you are willing to align to each aquisition. If it costs you €12 to aquire each customer online and you know you can cater for 100 customers a week well than your budget is going to be €1200 a week . If your profit per customer (lifetime or longtime) for each transaction is say €5000 over a number of years well then you have spent your money well.

There are of course other factors which come into play when deciding what your business will spend as it is not always as simple as that. There could be a number of issues that need addressing in order to compete in the market place. Your business website may not be properly optimised or designed, You may need new content, your navigation may need a new layout, you may need help with your strategy development. You might what to start a new social media business account. The first thing to do is assess where you are at presently. The how much will it cost to address any inadaquecies. Now that you are ready to compete and you know the value of each customer type you can decide on a figure that it will cost to aquire them.

You may also need someone for website management or campaign management. It is often a lot cheaper to outsource these service rather than having a full or partime employee.

Digital Marketing Laois
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