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Concept Design and Development

We are a Digital Agency specialising in Design, Development and Marketing

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

The most important things are not things, so we’ll design experiences.

We don’t just build websites

We Design and Build Mobile Applications, Bespoke Software Solutions , SAAS Development

How do we know our Digital Marketing is working?

Questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Now that I have my website or digital product how are people going to know it’s there ?
  2. What do I want visitors to do when they arrive at my site or app?
  3. Where can you find your customer online?
  4. Should I use a paid advertising?
  5. Which advertising should I use, Google Adwords, Facebook, linkedin or other social channels?
  6. Should I use a digital marketing strategy?
  7. How should I create content to use for my marketing?
  8. How do I know if my marketing efforts are working or how can I know which parts are working and which are not?

These are some really important questions when it comes to marketing online. Nothing measured nothing gained. Every effort we make with either time or money in regards to promoting our product or service must be measurable otherwise how do we know whether it works or not. When initiating a digital marketing campaign we should have the following as a minimum

  • a specific landing page with some clear call to action
  • The page must have a unique Google Analytics code that can be tracked to see how many visits it got, what was the average time spent on the page and where the visitors came from and which page they left your site from.
  • Unique goals set up within Analytics to track conversions.
  • Keyword research so as to capitalise on the best return from your spend.
  • Know where to target your customers online.
  • Have suitable content fro your your promotion or offer.
  • Have clear campaign goals which you can cross reference with your analytic goals.

What else can I do to get more traffic to my website.

On page optimisation involves the following

  • Page loading  speed. This can be helped by CDN’s  and image and code compression.
  • Keyword optimisation by using keywords in the page titles, meta descriptions and Alt tags on images.
  • Good descriptions on products or services.
  • Regularly updating written content.
  • Enabling caching facility.
  • Pretty permalinks meaning nice urls
  • Optimised internal links
  • User friendly 404 pages
  • Mobile friendly

Off page optimisation

  • Back link where ever you can. There are multiple opportunities for placing your url like on public directories, commenting on blogs within your niche, social media and more.
  • Blogging! A new post is an opportunity to publish a new page  on your site which is in turn a SEO opportunity.