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Digital Marketing Services

Goal And Conversion Tracking For Success
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Digital Marketing Services and How Do We Know It Works ?

Our Digital Marketing Services will get you found and get your visitors to take action. Using data to measure success.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is a first before you try anything else. Make sure your website is properly optimised for search engines . This involves page speed, design, correct Keyword titles and meta descriptions, site map submissions,

Keyword Optimisation and Research

If you are trying to rank for a service or product it is important to know which are the best key words. You can always check your competitors keywords to see what’s working .

The Power of the Blog Page

Writing a regular blog with genuine useful and relevant content is one of the best ways to organically rank for your product or service. This increases your visibility to search engines

Marketing Automation

There are numerous tools out there which can automate your marketing efforts such as newsletter release, social media post scheduling and triggered email response. 

Google Analytics

Data analytics is used to measure KPI’s like traffic, landing page success, time spent on your site, where visitors are arriving from and where they are leaving from.

Email marketing

Overlooked but still a really powerful method to engage your audience. Newsletter campaigns or offers to gather emails which can then be used as leads.

Paid Advertising PPC

Fantastic opportunities out there to push your site forward through Google adwords, Facebook or any other social platform that’s appropriate for your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Another great digital marketing activity to drive traffic to your site. You can target demographics, interests, hobbies and set your budget. Being social is a must for any digital marketeer.

Content Marketing

Using fun and interesting content to generate an audience. EBooks and white papers. Video is capable on nearly all phones. You might have the next viral video !

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Digital marketing Services Laois
Digital Marketing Services
What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services come in a variety of forms but in principle it is any effort to promote your business, attract customers, turn them into buyers and maintain those customers all done through the medium of online platforms. If we break it down there are four things we have to do for this to happen.


1. How do we Attract our customers? 

Via all our social channels and our website of course! We can use social to build awareness and engage our audience with high quality content. We can then use these platforms to  drive  traffic to our website landing pages. For organic traffic there are several factors that determine what ranking position you deserve but the two main ones are Quality and Relevant Content and High Quality Backlinks. You must be an authority on your subject matter and that must be reflected with both the content of your website and the referring domain backlinks. Other ways to drive more traffic to your site are

Pay Per Click Google Ads

Socila Media Advertising

Socila Media Marketing – Posting and engaging with your customers

Mobile Marketing

Email Drip marketing

2. How do we Engage our target audience

Our social channels and our  well designed Website 

Customised Landing Pages specialy designed for a target audience and adword group.

Blog Posts that are worthy of sharing

Quality Videos


3. How do we Convert

Your site must have clear call to actions, sign up, download, buy now, free white paper etc, email follow up, limited and timebound offers, killer headlines and copy.

4. How do we Sustain

Follow Ups

News letters

After sale

Cross sell /up sell

Loyality points

How Will It Help My Business

Like any business, if we don’t promote it our drive traffic through digital marketing services  it we will not survive. The digital landscape is vast and unless we make sustained efforts to drive traffic to our site we will perish. There are numerous ways to promote ourselves on line with the help of a digital marketing professional. The first thing you must do is produce a digital marketing strategy. This is the digital marketing road map for actional steps to success.

What Are The Best Digital Marketing Techniques

As mentioned above Attract / Engage / Convert / Sustain. This is the formula for digital marketing success and you can be as creative and inventive as you like according your your resources . As long as you follow these steps you will make progress.As regards which is the best individual marketing practise, it depends on your target audience, your product or service and after that what works best. As with all digital marketing you must test and measure and then go again. If you are not measuring your efforts how do you know where your money is being spent.

How Do I know My Digital Marketing Efforts Are Working?

Setting up clearly defined goals or events that can be tracked and measured. So if your goal is to get people to sign up you could track the thankyou page. Then when your adverts run you will know that anyone who has arrived on your landing page via your ad and has triggered the landing page is a converted goal. There are other indicators as well but this would be a very obvious one.

How Much Does Digital marketing Services Cost

It all depends on your budget but really it comes down to unit economics. How much is your digital marketing costing you to covert one website visitor into a cutomer. What is the life time value or once off value of having aquired that customer. Then you can easily work out your rate . By measureing your overall advertising efforts you can work out the cost per aquisition because you have tracked and measured your goals.

How Soon Can I expect To See Results From My Digital Marketing Efforts

In most cases immediately. Google Ads are by far the very best way to attract and convert qualified buyers for your products and services. Configuring and setting up your Google Ad campaign can be a bit of a night mare so important to higher a professional as this can save you a ton of money but more importantly can be the difference of it working and not working. By hiring a professional for your digital marketing services you will save yourself time and money and will have more new customers.


Where Are Digimark Based? – Digital Marketing Laois

Digital Marketing Laois company Digimark are a online marketing services company based in Laois. We offer a variety of online marketing services from Web Design, Landing Page design, Logo design. Pay per click Ad management, SEO both on and off page. We have customers all over Ireland and abroad so we don’t just offer digital marketing in Laois but thats where we are based.

Digital Marketing Laois