Some Helpful Facts Regarding Our Digital  Services

How long will it take to build my website?

That really depends on what your requirements are. If it’s a simple brochure site 5-10 pages we can have it ready for within a week or two depending on how many jobs we have on. If there is more complexity to your requirements , like comprehensive SEO, additional interactive functionality, Ecommerce product creation, well then we can sit down with you and discuss the complete agreed scope and get back to you with a detailed breakdown.

How much will it cost?
Great question but it’s like going to buy a new kitchen or  a new car. What do you want in it, how big is it, how do you wanted it to perform etc. It really comes down to what you want it for and what your budget allows. Most wordpress brochure sites which you can edit  and manage yourself will start at €495 – €995 depending on the size and what kind of add-ons you have.
How long will a project usually take before we see version 1.0
Again it depends on the project, but if it’s native app development or SaaS development you are looking at 3 months. Again it is all relative but once we sit down with you and know the complete scope of the project we can be more accurate. As we work purely in an Agile environment the good thing is that we aim to produce a potentially shippable product feature at the end of each iteration.
Can I update the sites content myself ?
Absolutely you can if it is an off the shelf CMS (Content Management System) like wordpress, drupal or joomla. We prefer wordpress for this as it’s easy for the end user to manage. If your site has been fully customised meaning that a coder has created the pages from scratch well then you will have to hire someone to make edits going forward.
What about the sites security. Who will look after that?
We highly recommend that you avail of our website security and maintenance package. We only charge €150 per year and this ensures that your sites core files, database, plugins and security software are all kept up to date.
What happens if there's a problem with my site or it goes down?
We are available 24/7 so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your site, we will help you to get back up and running as soon as possible. Each issue will be invoiced separately unless you have the technical support package.
Will I be informed throughout the process?
The first thing we will do is assign you a project manager who will be your main point of contact between the design and development team and yourself. We will work closely with you to ensure  milestones, budgetary guidelines, features and design goals are met . We will provide with up to date documentation as the process happens.