On Page Search Engine Optimisation

by | Nov 27, 2019 | SEO Tips

On Page Search Engine Optimisation

What is seo. We have all heard the phrase and we know it is has somehting to do with web design and online marketing, right!

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is the term used for optimising your website for certain key words or search terms that are used by people looking for product or service. There are a number of items important to how your website ranks for the internets’ main browsers like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Here are some of the main things to consider

  • Design – Your site should be well designed meaning user centered with good user experience
  • Performance – Your site should be free from technical errors such as broken links, it should load quickly as we all know our attentions spans are short. If your site loads to slowly this will frustrate users and they will leave your web page.
  • Content – You must have a good basis to start with and that means good content. So plan your content before starting in terms of catagories and sub catagories. Then you can begin to prepare your content taking into consideration the proper formating when it comes to writting your page or post.
  • Keywords – You should research which are the best keywords to use for your topic and if possible incorporate them to your page or post. There are a number of tools out there to help you with this such as Yoast  who have a number of different tools depending on your site and need.
  • Off Page SEO – This another important factor to get more visibility for your website. Backlinks are probably the hardest part of SEO. To get quality backlinks takes time and effort . You have to able to negotiate but there are ways to do it. You can also write a guest post on a similar type site or niche.
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