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Website Pricing

Chances are by now you have already looked around at pricing a website. You are probably spoilt for choice and  cautious in where to spend your hard earned cash. Find out what our customers are saying here, give them a ring if you like.   Below is a general price list as it’s hard to be specific unless we know exactly what you want.Here are a few things to consider.

More Info On Pricing

If price is the main motivating factor for choosing a suitable agency to work with, buyer beware! Underpricing and under delivering are common in all occupations and ours is no different.Consider what value you are getting for your money and how accessible is your service provider if something goes wrong. Look around at other sites to see exactly what kind of functionality and Design you want.

  1. Domain name registration and hosting are separately priced . This is a small cost in relation to your over all spend.
  2. If you are selling on line a SSL certificate is important and costs around €100
  3. Adding products to your shop and linking them to your merchant account and payment gateway so that you get paid is a separate cost based on the number of products you want to sell.
  4. We are centrally based and like to work face to face with our clients.
  5. Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up your online business or website. We are here to help you every step of the way.