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What’s Involved In Search Engine Optimisation

Site Map Submission

Indexing your site map via the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ensure your pages are crawled and presented in their results.


Key word Optimisation

Focused keywords, page titles and meta descriptions should all be utilized properly. Keyword research and competitor analysis to see whats working for the competition.

Backlinks and Internal links

Public directories, social media profiles, guest blogs and comments to name a few places to place your backlink. Interlink content within your own site for a thumbs up.

404 Error Page

All sites have a few dud or trashed pages and a customised 404 page to redirect users will give you a thumbs up from Google.

Page Speed and Design

How long it takes for your page to load is crucial to being ranked well. User design and experience is also a factor.


Written and Visual Content

Genuine, original and useful content relevant to your niche or product is a must. Also make sure your images are keyword optimised.

Product Descriptions

If you are selling multiple products online make sure you have the product descriptions keyword opimised. Often overlooked.

Mobile First and Navigation

Making sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly . Also make sure your navigation is well thought out.

Avoid the Bad Stuff

Plagiarism of written or visual content is a big no no. Site security and up to date software is also crucial to maintain a lock tight platform.

Are You Getting Found By Your Customers ?

If your website is not bringing you leads and phone calls well then you need to work on your SEO