How to Improve Your Business Visibility Online?

by | Jul 19, 2021 | SEO Tips

SEO Ireland

In Ireland, SEO is a very effective way to increase the number of clients to improve the online visibility of your business at the local level. Business competition in the local market, particularly Dublin, Wexford, Galway, and other developed areas in Ireland is fierce. All business owners are doing everything to gain an edge over other active players in the region. For you to have an efficient conversion of online visitors to your website, you need to formulate a well-organized SEO strategy to help your business stay on top of the local search rankings.

Do an Audit

An SEO audit is essentially a standard procedure performed by SEO professionals to check the overall health status of any website. Auditing must be done regularly to identify potential issues that directly affect the organic search performance of your website, including the following:

  • Website architecture
  • Technical SEO (accessibility and page speed)
  • On-page SEO and off-page SEO problems
  • Content gaps and optimization
  • User experience issues
  • Market analysis

When you perform an SEO audit, it should be comprehensive, covering the structural and content components of the site directly affecting the generation of organic search traffic. As a business owner, modifications should align with your business goals and priorities to stay consistent with page ranking. It is always best to optimize the features and content of your website to remain fresh and relevant for the users. Any adjustments to be made should be actionable by creating an easy-to-follow execution plan and project timeline.

In a typical SEO audit process, you often look for potential issues that could affect the volume of page visitors, duration of visits, and overall value of the website to your audience. Whenever possible, any content, business information, and running performance of the website should constantly be updated, especially if customers frequently access the website in a mobile browser. An SEO audit also resolves broken links, non-working pages, or any pages that don’t deliver results for you. An SEO specialist typically investigates to identify the exact root problems and make necessary adjustments.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is optimizing web pages to improve the online visibility of any website while efficiently generating organic traffic. This SEO process optimizes header tags, title tags, and meta descriptions based on the relevance of the search terms and produces high-quality visual content for users. As a business owner or web designer, you should ensure that the website only contains credible and updated sources to make your business appear trustworthy to your prospective customers.

On-page SEO is vital because it helps search engines easily identify the relevance of your website to search queries. Your website becomes more authoritative when you put in high-quality content and optimize the keywords to the fullest. Search engines may understand the business nature of your website, prompting “crawlers” to identify your website as an industry expert. On-page SEO also helps to deliver results that meet users’ intent whether they need the information for navigational or shopping purposes.

Several on-page SEO elements, title tags, and meta descriptions should be given enough attention as your optimization point. A meta description is often seen below the SERPs after each page title. The title tag and meta description provide page viewers with the initial context of what the website offers them. Search engines may not prioritize these valuable elements in the page evaluation process. Still, they significantly contribute to increasing the online visibility of your business, particularly in click-through rate and user experience. That said, missing or poorly created meta tags and descriptions may negatively impact your SEO performance, so be sure you’re optimizing for these page elements.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages through activities done outside of your website. This involves establishing trustworthiness and credibility for your website with the help of other websites, pages, and experts. When a website generates numerous backlinks from various well-established sites, search engines view it as a trustworthy source or an industry expert.

Building backlinks is the backbone of any off-page SEO strategy. Search engines utilize backlinks as indicators when evaluating the quality of the content seen on websites. Search engines rank websites that have many backlinks higher, in addition to thousands of search engine algorithms and page factors that significantly affect page ranking. Often a website partners with another site owner to feature a product or service relevant to search queries.

Google My Business

As people continue to rely on Google for valuable information, whether through Google search or map queries, Google has taken a considerable part in connecting local businesses and their respective clients in one gigantic marketplace. You can maximize Google My Business which allows you to promote and manage your online presence across Google. If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably have unlimited access to millions of potential clients who may need your products or services.

Google My Business is simply cost-effective because you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money maintaining your strong online presence in a particular industry. Your Google My Business listing offers your potential customers easy access to your website, business information, contact details, and location map. This increases your online visibility through local search and maps, which help customers find your business quickly.

If you want to maximize your GMB listing, you need to optimize this free business tool differently. Ensure your business details are continuously updated to keep your business name consistent across various platforms and Google searches. Consider posting high-quality images, product descriptions, service listings, and explainer videos to make your GMB profile interactive with your target audience. You can also encourage your previous customers to leave comments and product reviews on your profile because the Google search engine may view your business as active and engaging.

How Much Does SEO Cost in Ireland?

Market competition at the local level is very fierce, especially when all local businesses struggle to reach the first 10 spots (first page) of the SERP. Having a well-organized website and comprehensive product listing is no longer enough to attract many customers brought by the high volume of new concepts and blogs being released each day. Without proper search engine optimization tactics, your marketing effort may fail to result in tremendous business losses for you. The continuous success of your SEO marketing campaign depends on the hands of a reliable SEO agency in Ireland, so you should only choose a digital marketing company with SEO services possessing the proper credentials and experience in this field.

Since every website and SEO strategy is different, no one-size-fits-all solution is possible. Every SEO project in Ireland requires thorough research and analysis as the SEO strategy is based on market competition, niche, target audience, and the geographical area where your business is competing. The amount you should budget or spend will be based on the number of hours it will take to maintain its online presence within a specific period. For example, a two-hour SEO work may cost between €99.00 and €199.00 per month, while a 20-hour SEO can cost between €1,500 and €2,000.

A minimum of a six-month contract is usually offered by SEO companies to fully utilize the potential of your SEO campaign. If you want to keep your online visibility high, however, your website needs to constantly undergo adjustments to cope with the daily changes in Google algorithms. Additionally, cost factors may also include your current SEO performance, level of competition within your industry, targeted keywords, and whether your current website will require a complete revamp. The total amount you will spend also depends on the number of pages that need to be ranked, especially if your SEO approach aligns with your business priorities and target revenues.

Your business needs a trusted partner in implementing your SEO strategy. Experts from the top SEO company in Ireland Digimark can help boost your website’s online presence without getting penalized by Google for inappropriate SEO practices. We don’t use automated software or build partnerships with unreliable third-party service providers because we want your marketing campaign to produce long-term impressive results.

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