How to increase traffic to your New website

by | Jul 17, 2019 | SEO Tips

SEO Services Laois- How to increase traffic to your new website

Now that you have decided to build your new website and are really really happy with how it looks, how it performs on mobile, how the contact form works, the images and graphics are all super but after launching the site you notice that you are getting no traffic. If you are not inclined to do this kind of work you should hire an agency that provide SEO Services. In this article I will try to explain why this happens and how to fix this issue.

My Website is beautiful so where is the traffic?

You have made the decision that you need to upgrade your site or build a brand new one. To do that requires some planning in terms of knowing what content you will have on your site, what you want visitors to do when they land there and what your own goals are in relation to your business. This part is often overlooked as a mere formality in commissioning a web agency to build your site. Content is King for Google so they will rank sites by merrit in terms of who offers the most useful content,the most useful volume of content and the most relevant content. So if you cannot provide the written copy in relation to your product or service it would be well advised to hire a copywriter to do this for you. The more information you have in relation to your product or service the better chance you have of ranking for it. So now that you have your new site it’s time to think about how to increase traffic to your new website.

Two Options for Getting Your Website Ranked

Paid advertising with Google Ads

This is a good recommendation  for new sites. You do not have to spend huge amounts but this option ensures that your site will be seen on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). Setting up a Google Adwords account is fairly straight forward but you should also have a Google Analytics account set up in tandem to your ad campaign as this will help you track your campaign and any important metrics like where your visitors are based, what devices are they using, what entry pages are they landing on, where are they exiting etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

This consists of on page and off page optimisation. There are a number of factors involved for both such as site speed, UX and UI Design elements, images being correctly sized and compressed, text formatting , code is correctly minified, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, site security and back linking from other sites . Probably the most important ( in reality they all are important) is text or written content. Google like to deliver quality results for search on their browser . This is where your blog page can work wonders. You can find out more about SEO Services Laois here.

The Power of the Blog – News Page, Tips Page, Advice Page

You can name your blog page on your menu as “Tips on how to ….” Advice for …..”, “News” etc to make it more relevant and clickable. If you are using a wordpress site you have the wonderful facility to publish as many posts as you like on your website to inform and promote your product or service. From a design perspective you may not want to write pages and pages of information about all of your product or services on a never ending scrolling page. A better approach would be to write one blog a week highlighting a service or the benefits of your product with a new post.

A new post is a valuable opportunity to rank for some new keywords. We have found that this approach of using a combined adwords campaign and regular new blog posting will yield great  results within 6 months.


how to increase traffic to your new website
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