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by | Jan 26, 2016 | Web Design Tips

Getting The Most from Our Website

Many of us who have websites have come to the point where we will ask, “What’s wrong with my website”, why am I not getting phone calls or sales? There might be many things wrong with it but for this short article, we will focus on two things. Two of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  • What are people looking for when they visit our site?
  • What is my goal for the users when they visit?

Let’s take a better look at these two questions and the fact that they are both connected. So we have to be clear about what we are informing our visitors about. We are not limited to a page in the true sense as you can scroll down but the most vital information should be above the fold so to speak, meaning what we see immediately.

The more information we include the more likely the user will forget it, if the message is short and sweet the more likely they will remember. Infographics are great as they can display a concept or information with a relatively small display. So we want them to know something so that they will do something and unfortunately the “do something” part is the part a lot of us neglect. Web design should be user-focused with a clear call to action.

So our “call to action” should be clear on our part. We should know what our goals are from every visit we get to our webpage. All of the information we provide should demand a response from the user. After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it?

So now that we have our visitors, what do we want them to do? It should be crystal clear and self-evident. With fantastic interactive plugins out there at the moment, we can choose from multiple platforms to engage our visitors. It might be signing up for a free month trial to our service, it might be signing up for a free report or our newsletter, or 5 fantastic tips on how to clean stains or we might ask them for a vote.

The key is we want to engage them.

If you have found this article helpful or you would like to discuss your own website I would love to hear from you. Email paul@digimark.ie  or call 0857053575  for local web design services Laois.

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