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Website Maintenance and Support

Keeping your sites software upto date is vital. New versions of your WordPress core files, your database, plugins and security software are being constantly released. Making sure that everything is upto date ensures that your website will run smoothly. Out of date software is an invitation for a security breach and can effect the functionality of your site.

Website Maintenance

If you have a website and feel that it’s not getting the attention it deserves well then that’s where we can help. From as little as €30 per month you could make sure that website kept up to date regularly. By doing this, your site is well protected against opportunist hackers which are unfortunitley rampant.

Website Maintenance Packages

There are two main areas where our website maintenance services can help you. The first is the software for your website. That consists of core wordpress files, theme files, plugin files and security software. The second is the your server which consists of your hosting set up, database and php version. In both instances there are new versions of these softwares out regularly. They are all inter connected so all must be updated regularly.

The other area where you might need help is creative and content changes. New landing design page design, menu changes, new graphics, image or video uploads. We have 3 packages available where you can see the details above.

Having an on line shop or website needs looking after much the same  way as  bricks and mortar.As part of our services we provide website maintenance packages for updating relevant information, changing a product, adding and creating a product for your store.We can also help with tracking sales, traffic metrics, implementing digital marketing strategies to name but a few of the day to day responsibilities of running a site. Why not talk to us about maintaining your site while you do what you do best.

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More on Core file Website Maintenance

Regarding software updates, security and backups. These are the three areas that your €150 fee covers for the year, this was free for the first year as outlined in our earliest correspondence. There are constant updates of both Server side software and website software (listed below).There are new versions almost monthly of all software components and unless all are kept up to date you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers and spammers.So all versions need to be updated on a regular basis to keep the site safe and  functioning properly.
Please feel free to contact me regarding or website maintenance packages or any other service include Google adwords management.
Software updates are as follows
Server side
  • php versions
  • MySQL database
Website software
  • WordPress core files
  • Theme software updates
  • Plugins presently installed on your site (these are additional pieces of software)
Website Security
  • Wordfence plugin – blocking spam attacks and hacking
  • Website firewall
  • Monthly backups of all core files and database in case of emergency or backup restoration
Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance