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 Laois agency Digimark provide a professional web design and marketing service both nationally and locally here in Portlaoise, County Laois. Mobile responsive Web Design and development, Search Engine Optimisation (Ranking Websites), PPC  Ad management and Keyword research are our main services.

Web Design Laois

Beautiful brochure Websites

Fantastic starter packages available to get you up and running


Web Design Laois

E-Commerce Websites

Increase sales funnels by having an online shop for any type of product


Search Engine Optimisation

Customised Development

Specific requirement solutions that will help improve your workflow


Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing and Ranking

Getting ranked, lead generation and inbound marketing



Our websites are designed as marketing machines to capture leads and turn visitors into paying customers.

New Business Website Start -Up Package including Free Hosting and Domain Name Registration, 10 page design and contact form

Web Design  – What Makes A Successful Website?

Digimark provide a comprehensive web design service to our clients. Web design trends and website designs are constantly changing but the bottom line is that your website must have the following things.

Your Website Must Look Professional !

When starting fresh if it’s your first professional website for your business or a redesign you must have these three things . A professionally designed logo, themed colours and paired fonts. If you integrate thee three design elements you are already off to a good start and already your new professional website and web design will look fantastic.

Web Design Laois

Your Website Must Function and Perform Properly!

The functionality of the website and web design is obviously very important and that means fast loading times. The contact forms and auto email responses must work. Images must be compressed and scaled properly otherwise you will slow your site down. The website must be secure and all software kept up to date.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your Website Must Have A Mobile First Design

We all know that as mobile phones become more and more sophisticated, mobile browsing is taking over desktop at a very fast rate so very important to have your website designed for mobile as well as desktop devices. You will also need site loading times optimised for mobile to ensure a smooth user experience on handheld devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

User Centered Design Means Good User Experience

To consider your end user when designing your website is very important and often overlooked. Your web design must be intuitive meaning site visitors can easily find what they are looking for and know what to do when they find it.  In order to do this properly all types of user demographics and user scenarios must be considered. This of course must be aligned with your own business goals in order for the website to be successful.

Will my Web Design or Website Convert?

Firstly you have to drive traffic to your site. Having the slickest Web Design in town means nothing if your websites or website can’t be found. In order for this to happen you must have a digital strategy in place as there are many factors involved to driving online traffic to your website. Once you are ranking  in the popular search engines and people are visiting your website you must have clear call to actions. That means that site visitors can intuitively take the right actions in order to convert them into leads or customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Will My Website Rank Once it’s Designed and Built?

Here is the million dollar question that everyone should be asking. A lot of business owners think that once they build and  design a website that traffic will come but that’s like building a beautiful shopping center in the middle of nowhere and expecting immediate footfall. When starting out on your digital journey it is important to consider a marketing budget to launch and push your website once it is built.

How do I Drive Traffic To My Website?

Driving traffic to your website happens by either paying Google / Bing or Facebook or ranking by merit according to Google’s algorithm . Real estate on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is either paid or organic. Paid results are the ones that have the word “Ad” besides it and organic results are the non paid results. In order to rank with either paid or organic search results you are competing with other people so there are certain criteria that must be adhered to. You can find out more about search engine ranking and lead generation here.

Web Design Laois

We like to rank our website locally here i Laois for key terms that browsers will use to find us online so hence our paragraph titled “Web Design Laois”. There are many phrases that people in your area may use to search for your products or online services like “your product and location name” in the same way that webdesign Laois or web design Laois or Laois Web design is used when searching for our type of business. So it’s important to do some keyword research for search engine optimisation so that you will show up when searched for in the same way that we show up for “Web Design Laois”

These Successful Companies Are Achieving Great Results with Digimark

Web Design Laois

Holistic Website

Counseling and healthcare care

Web Design Laois


Retailing Bee Supplies and products for the Irish Bee Keeping community
Web Design Laois

Recruitment Website

Human Resources and job placements for candidates and employers
Web Design Laois

Safety Training Website

Work place safety and safety training

Work Space

Offering office space with flexible contracts and virtual office services

Your Money Back

Online Tax Rebate Website.

Who Are Digimark?

Digimark is an experienced digital Agency with a small team of designers, developers and marketing experts based in Portlaoise, County Laois, Ireland. With our experience we have helped numerous businesses locally, nationally and internationally to successfully establish an online presence that really works for their business. That means increasing their online traffic, more online leads and ultimately more sales. We have a number of Ecommerce clients that are turning over between €100,000 and €1,000,000 in revenue annually. We also have clients that have increased their customer base by 20,000 subscribers within two short years. We are passionate about success and love nothing more than to see our clients succeed.

High Performance Websites That Drive and Convert Traffic

Our Ecommerce clients  are turning over between €100,000 and €1,000,000 in revenue annually.

Customer Satisfaction

Here’s  some of our customers stories

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We provide our own hosting services with each new client getting their own dedicated server at a much cheaper cost that most providers. We also provide security certs and managed Google Adwords services. If for some reason you would prefer to have your own hosting set up for more control you can use our recommended partner Blacknight.

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