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Why Choose Digimark To Build Your Website

Designed To Win

Our Websites are designed with your end user in mind. That means the whole process is aligned with both your and your customers goals.

Upfront with Our Pricing

Transparency is important to us so we make sure that you aware of every cost before commencing work.

Customer Support

One years free support come with all our website packages. We also provide  tutorials if you want to manage your own site .

Free Hosting for the First Year

Hosting your site is on us for the first year. There after only €49.99 per year. You can also use your own hosting if you prefer.


Lock Tight Secuirty Included

Security is really important to us so make sure that your site is fully protected from malicious software.

We Finish on Time

Once we agree on your requirements and a time frame we deliver. We understand the value of time and do not want to wast yours.

Brochure Website

When you have decided that it’s time to redesign your brochure website or build it from scratch and you’re looking around to find the right partner it can be a bit daunting. A Brochure websites provides your business with a professional online presence. The website design, the logo, clearly themed colours and paired fonts will go a long way to ensure your site looks the part.


Website Design

Our focus when designing a website is

Mobile responsiveness

Functionality , site speed and performance

Design / Logo / Colours / Paired Fonts

Clear call to actions

Targeting the right audience

Useful, authoritative and relevant content


SEO, Website Ranking, And Marketing

Once these things are in place, you the client will have a good platform from which to market your products or services. One big mistake that a lot of businesses make is that once the brochure website is designed and built they think that traffic will come automatically. No – building and designing the website is only one element of successfully marketing your website online. We have a seperate SEO (search Engine Optimisation) service that facilitates websites being found and ranked by search engines. SEO is a complex thing with many factors affecting how your site appears in the search engine results page. There are over 200 items flagged in Google’s algorithm that affect your websites ranking so it is important when embarking on your online marketing that you allocate a part of your budget for marketing and ranking your website. Search Engine Optimisation   basically means optimising your website for the keywords or phrases that your target audience use to find you. Lead generation means that you have clear call to actions for your website visitors once they land on your page. You basically want them to fill out a form, leave their email address or phone number. You have to incentivise each visitor to do this with incentivised call to actions . Pay Per Click advertising is another service we offer. Google Ads provide keyword advertising but unless this is managed, measured and tracked you may as well be throwing your money to the wind and hope that some of it sticks. Well managed Ad campaigns can reduce your cost per click, get you more impressions, more website traffic and more website conversions.

Brochure Site Starter Package

Brochure Websites

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Having a well designed website and a solid digital marketing strategy ensures you will be found and convert leads into customers.