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Pay Per Click Advertising works. Grow Leads and make sales fast with Google Ads.

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Pay Per Click Your Way To More Leads & Sales

 When spending  money on Google ads you want to make sure you are getting a return. But PPC is not easy to get right. You may have tried advertising with Google Ads before so you know how easy it is to burn through a large amount of money fast or if you have an agency running your campaign and the focus is on clicks and traffic. That’s what we don’t do. Our focus is only on conversions and revenue. We know exactly how much each conversion is costing you and with our expertise we will bring that cost down, increase the visibility of your Ad and increase your CTR (Click Through Rate).


How Pay Per Click Works

You pay Google to rank your website for certain keywords associated with your product or service. To rank your ad against other advertisers you must have an optimised landing page, thats the page that opens when your ad is clicked. If you page is well optimised your ad will rank higher.


Making PPC Profitable

You must know which are the best keywords and phrases. Competitor analysis will go a long way to finding out what works. Quality Score is a rating that Google gives your ads to determine what price you will pay for competing keywords. The higher the score the less you pay.


Conversions & Revenue

Your goal conversions must be tracked and measured to know what you are paying for. You must know what value each conversion has in terms of your business and what each conversion is costing you in terms of advertising. Then all you do is scale your ads.


Our Marketers are certified in both Google Analytics and Google Search.

SEO + Optimised Landing Page + Google Ads = Profit

Grade Your Existing Google Ad Account

Want to find out where you’re loosing money and customers. We will grade your Ad account for free with actionable steps for improvement. Fill out the form and one of our team will contact you.

Case Study

This was a two month comparison report for our new client who was running a Google Ad campaign and social campaign. For the same spend we doubled their conversions and halved the cost per conversion after only the second week, and by the third week reduced the conversion cost again by 29%.  Conversion value will depend on your busines but for this client each conversion was worth more than a 100 times the cost of the conversion. Bottom line is they increased there conversions from 24 to 88 and reduced their conversion cost from €26.89 to €6.95.

CPA (Cost per aquisition – final cost for fully converted sign up)

Impressions: how many times your Ads shows up in search results

Clicks: How many times your Ad is clicked

Conversion: How many people take action.Buy /Sign up

CTR:  Clicks ÷ Impressions 

Conv. Rate: Conversions ÷ Clicks   

Week 1 – CTR 0.18% , Conversion Rate 4.01%

Week 2 – CTR 0.74% , Conversion Rate 6.25%

Google Ads

Week 3 – CTR 1.51% , Conversion Rate 7.20%

Google Ads

Week 4 – CTR 1.66% , Conversion Rate 6.74%

Week 8 – CTR 9.88% , Conversion Rate 16.82%

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Doing it yourself does not work, working with a google rep does not work as they don’t understand your business, your market or your product. We are experienced and have already made lots of costly mistakes. We know how to increase your Quality word score, bring down your cost per click, target the right ads, use the correct keywords and landing pages for the right audience. Whether your starting  out or already have an account call us today to see how we can help. 085 7053575


What Are Our Charges

You must pay your own daily budget directly to Google and we will fine tune your Ad for a profitable return on your investment. All new written content for landing pages must be supplied by the client or we can outsource. Your results will depend on your daily budget.

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