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by | Jul 19, 2021 | SEO Tips

The primary responsibility of a trustworthy SEO agency is to help your website increase its online visibility and generate organic traffic. Some of the effective SEO services include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Learn how SEO professionals utilize these services through in-depth website auditing to be discussed below.

Types of SEO Services

SEO is composed of several digital marketing tactics to help your web pages land on top of the SERPs. Some types of SEO services include the following:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the essential elements of the website that you can directly control. There are many on-page SEO techniques that you can do if you want your website to appear in relevant search queries. Website elements you can optimize include:


Consider using targeted keywords when formulating URLs to appear relevant in organic search.

·Meta description

Consider incorporating relevant keywords in the meta description to give page visitors an initial idea about what’s inside your pages. The meta description must be highly descriptive and written in less than 160 characters.

·Title tags

In creating a title tag, your title needs to be descriptive, so you can entice visitors to click or tap your website.

·Alt tags

The Alt tag is used to describe the content of the images. Users and search engines will better understand your photos if you put descriptions.

·Heading tags

The header tag is used to separate content by sections and make it easy for users to find the information they are looking for.

·Internal link build-up

Internal link building helps boost the rank of other relevant pages, so they will appear authoritative.

·Content creation

When creating content, make it highly relevant and informative for your target audience. This requires keyword research to help boost page ranking. Creating content that appeals to the interest of your prospective customers should form part of your optimization effort. You can achieve great organic search results when you include keywords in elements such as your URLs, title tags, visual content, and heading tags.

·Web design and navigation

It is your responsibility to make your website accessible for both web browsers and mobile browsers. Your website should also load fast in less than three seconds. Otherwise, your page visitors will immediately leave your website, which will significantly affect your SERP. When it comes to web design, the appearance of your website should not look cluttered or disorganized so that page visitors won’t abandon it. Consider making the entire website clean, modern, and appealing to generate leads and quality conversions.

Off-page SEO

Aside from on-page optimization, it would help if you also did off-page SEO techniques to keep your business relevant and in demand. Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages with the help of other factors outside of your website. One of the core SEO tactics here is earning backlinks from other reputable websites.

Google uses the quality and quantity of backlinks you receive to determine the relevancy and usability of your website. Backlinks also help Google find your high-ranking pages and have them appropriately indexed to gain significant ranking improvement. There are three types of backlinks that you can get as listed below:

1. Natural link

You gain a natural link when other established websites find your content engaging and decide to feature it.

2. Established link

You can generate built links when you promote your content on authoritative domains, and you receive backlinks in return.

3. Self-created links

You can generate links when you place your link on various pages such as forum sites and business directories. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help build up your credibility as search engines view this SEO tactic as deceiving and unreliable, thus significantly affecting your page ranking.

If you want to generate quality backlinks, consider producing highly informative articles such as infographics and comprehensive guides where you can openly display your expertise. You also need to reach out to prominent online personalities and request them to feature your content. Establishing good communication and rapport with other personalities and website owners is the key to earn reliable backlinks. You can also share your content on social media platforms to attract readers who need your expertise and services.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on server optimization and technical components to help your website gain better page rank. This vital SEO tactic helps search engine crawlers identify and understand the true nature of your website better while also focusing on its user experience and accessibility. Technical SEO ensures that search engine crawlers can index your pages well, supporting your on-page and off-page optimization efforts to the fullest. Essential elements often involved in technical SEO improvements include:

1. Loading speed

Page speed is a valuable ranking factor for Google, and it directly affects user experience. You can improve your page speed through image compression, code cleaning, page compression, and regular browser caching.

2. XML sitemap

An XML sitemap enables search engines to create organized indices of your website.

3. Robots.txt file

Updating your Robots.txt file is an essential technical SEO activity as the txt file informs search engine crawlers which parts of your pages shouldn’t be crawled or indexed.

4. Duplicate content

When your site contains duplicate content, search engines may find your website untrustworthy and outdated. Duplicate content develops broken links and poor internal linking, which can result in sudden page drop.

5. Mobile responsiveness

Website responsiveness directly influences the user experience and overall functionality of your site. Responsive design ensures that your website can display the content regardless of what device you use and screen size.

As you can see, technical SEO is critical in achieving an impressive user experience and strong online presence. Technical SEO helps search engine crawlers identify the relevance of your pages to search queries accurately. You can’t just ignore this critical area of an SEO strategy because the technical aspects of your website directly affect the click-through rate, user accessibility, and customer conversion.

Local SEO

Local SEO strategy primarily focuses on searches related to the geographical area where your business is located. Local SEO involves optimizing multiple pages based on location-specific keywords or search queries. Local SEO also helps make your business accessible using hyperlocal content, business directories, and social exposure.

Local SEO is a necessity for small businesses with a physical location. Utilizing Google My Business is an effective digital marketing strategy to manage various online portfolios showing up across Google. Your potential customers may readily reach you when you put updated business details and compelling videos in your profile. Aside from this, creating engaging content related to your local area is another effective way to generate organic traffic.

SEO Services in Ireland?

Your business needs to utilize all the SEO mentioned above strategies to drive quality leads and increase online visibility. You shouldn’t just focus on certain ranking factors to generate page conversions. Instead, it would be best if you created a complete SEO plan that will increase the chances of your business appearing in the local SERPs.

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